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Pure polished wood handle 2 Band Shaving Brush ebony brush of men's grooming
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Product: Views:3Pure polished wood handle 2 Band Shaving Brush ebony brush of men's grooming 
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pure polished wood handle shaving brush ebony brush of mens grooming 2 band badger shave


Indian ebony, no painting, no waxing pure polished wood.




Brush size


Fit stand open size


Hair material

100% top quality finest badger hair

Sample MOQ


Sample delivery time

2-7 working days

OEM order MOQ


OEM order delivery time

20-30 working days

LOGO type

Print on handle or laser on metal parts

Package box size




handle height 56mm

small handle diameter 24.5mm

total height 111mm

real ebony wood handle


1 Silvertip badger hair is one of the most expensive and rare types of badger hair. it is called because of the silver colour of the tip of the hair, which is achieved by careful hand grading filling which comes from expert selecion of only the finest hairs from the neck of the badger which is softer and retains more water .We get the raw material from our China Northeast Mountain area.

2 Our finest two-band badger hair is expensive than either best badger or pure badger, this hair types typically have a very firm tensile strength that results in a brush that is very dense and very stiff, a features preferred by many wet shaving brand manufactory.

3 Best badger is made with the finer and more pliable hairs from 20 - 25% of the badgers body. It is longer in length and lighter in color than pure badger hair. The brush is more densely filled with hair than the pure badger brush and will produce a richer and greater lather on the face.

4 Pure badger hair are the most common type of shaving brush used in the World, which is picked from the neck, shoulders, abdomen and buttocks of the badger and so is made up of hair which covers around 60% of a badgers body. Brushes made exclusively with pure badger hair cost significantly less than finer 

5 Black Badger Hair Shaving Brushes are not very common and CZM is the few manufactory to make this brush. Black badger hair is harvested from the rear of the pelt and possibly from around the feet if found in sufficient length and quantity.  The black naturally tapered tips usually extend a third or up to half the length of the hair shaft. 

6 Mixed badger hair is special name of badger knot, it means the knot was composed of different grade badger hair, so the hair color is not dark, and the cost is affordable for use. Mixed badger hair shaving brush can vary in quality equal to the "pure" badger grade. 

7 Synthetic brushes are a good option for those who would like to avoid animal fur. These are typically made from nylon and the bristles are medium stiff. While they dont hold lather as well as a badger brush, they are a good option for those who may have allergies to animal hair.

8 The boar bristle is the least expensive of the shaving brushes and is manufactured with boar bristles. While they dont hold as much water as badger brushes, the very stiff nature of the bristle makes boar brushes a favorite among men who like a stiff brush.



Business organizations

Barber shop,Supermarket, large-scale shopping malls,exclusive agency,

chain shops,large-scale sales,star-rated hotels,travel agencies

Using of company

Festival gift

Using of personal

Gift for boy friend,daddy,grandpa,male friend,male superior


How to get the Perfect Shave


1 Moisten the area to be shaved with warm to hot water

2  Dip the badger hair brush into hot water

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